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Posted on 30-11-2016     

Open Day @ Flat Rock Technology


We had the pleasure to host one of the most exciting events, we have organized within the company – Open Day at Flat Rock. The event was dedicated to students, willing to pursue a career in software development, offering them more information on what they can expect after they graduate university.

Posted on 22-11-2016     

Open Day at Flat Rock! Free Entry!

Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/open-day-at-flat-rock-technology-tickets-29439057012

Posted on 15-11-2016     

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Business

By Elena, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock

In our first post we went on about the history and idea of Virtual and Augmented Reality, after which we made short reviews about the most popular VR gadgets right now.

Posted on 03-11-2016     

The Growing Popularity of Wearable Devices

By Ivan, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

Wearable devices have experienced a large rise in popularity recently. Everyone seems to have started wearing a smart watch, a fitness tracker, smart glasses or smart clothing.

Posted on 14-10-2016     

Project Management Methodologies – Kanban and Scrum

By Elena, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock

We already discussed Waterfall and Agile and now we will delve deeper into more advanced methodologies such as Kanban and Scrum.

Posted on 29-09-2016     

Augmented and Virtual Reality – Gadgets of the Future

By Elena, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock

Last time we took a quick look at Virtual and Augmented Reality systems and their history.

Now, as promised, we bring you a short review of the most popular VR/AR gadgets: