iJewel – eCommerce site is launched

The new eCommerce shop for iJewel is now completed and launched. The client is launching three new brands into the UK market:

Co Co & Cass – Sophisticated jewelary range of products.

iPopperz – Product range compatible with all iPod and other MP3 devices, as well as portable CD and DVD Players, iPopperz headphones give the same high quality frequency and response found in full size headphones. Comfortable ear buds in three sizes will ensure perfect fit.

iPopperz offer high quality headphones geared towards tweens, teens and young adults. Each of the iPopperz designs has been specifically crafted to offer a most unique look.

EASYRIDER – A quality stainless steel jewellery collection for men and women

who were born to be wild… Inspired by the Easyrider lifestyle.

Flat Rock Technology developed the new ecommerce shop with three unique designs to reflect the different brands and their identity.

The buyers can shop in the three shops and check out in single process and single payment.

Technology – the site is based on HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL.

To visit the site

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