The new City Telecom eCommerce website is now launched

About City Telecom

City Telecom’s commitment to meeting their customers’ communications challenges combined with their service led approach has been the key to the success and the growth of their business.
Established in 1985 and having spent more than 20 years supplying Telecoms solutions to Small & Medium size Businesses (SMB’s), City Telecom has seen many changes across all industry sectors. At City Telecom, their high standards of service are under pinned with their ISO 9001 accreditation and extend far beyond the installation of the equipment, training, servicing, or ongoing support. City Telecom believe that their main objective as a telecommunications systems specialist is to provide their customers with the best telecom solution to suit their needs, whether it is regarding telephone system installations, mobile solutions, VoIP solutions, or applications, and to pass along any cost savings to directly to them.

The Challenge

City Telecom operates in a fast moving industry and as such they need to be creative with their offers and focused with their resources. City Telecom wanted to utilise the web to reduce their costs of sales as well as enhancing their customer’s overall choice and experience in a new and exciting way.  After an extensive selection process City Telecom commissioned Flat Rock Technology to take on this ambitious project and to build their new online shop.

One of the main challenges was to develop a sophisticated yet simple to use configuration tool which will enable City Telecoms’ clients to build their own communication bundles online and in real time to plan their costs.

The Solution

The process started with detailed workshop to discover and document the complex requirements and to receive the design brief. Following the brief Flat Rock designed the new visual concept and developed the HTML and CSS to ensure consistency across all pages.

Following the design stage, Flat Rock designed and developed the technical architecture that included the complex database structure, Content Management System (CMS) specific functions, integrations to the various 3rd party applications (billing system, validation tools, payment gateways, live chat etc.).

The new site enables City Telecom to create and promote complex offers including sales of Analog lines, ISDN, Broadband, Disaster recovery, Consultancy, Mobile plans and many more…

The new site is content rich with the new Content Management System (CMS) to enable the client to update and create new content. The new website is fully optimised for search engines (SEO) and allow the client to fully control the SEO of each page to proactively promote the site via organic search results.

Technical Solution

Technology – PHP, MySQL, Java, HTML

Technical Solution – the solution will be managed by Flat Rock Technology.

About Flat Rock Technology

The Flat Rock Team has specified, designed, built and delivered optimised, commercially powerful Internet software, Web applications and marketing solutions for clients in all sorts of industries.

Our developed working practices flex to suit your requirements and we’ve gained experience in delivering creative solutions for variety of business situations.

Flat Rock recognises that each and every organisation is unique in its culture and processes – we listen, we research, we suggest and we deliver profit enhancing solutions.

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