About the client:

21st Century Cinema Ltd installs and maintains digital cinema equipment at sites across the UK. We procure a range of equipment from specialist suppliers, examples of which are detailed below.

Projectors: We are installing a range of new digital projectors to facilitate the Digital exhibition of feature films and other content replacing the traditional 35mm reel format. The projectors themselves vary in size and range from the NEC 1200 for smaller auditoriums to NC3200 for the larger auditoriums. The digital projectors, when combined with a “Silver Screen” also allow the exhibition of 3D content.

Servers: Each projection system includes a Doremi DCP2K4 server from which the content being displayed is sent.

Theatre Management System (TMS): Each cinema complex has a TMS. The TMS stores the content and is used to direct the content to the designated projection system in an auditorium. The TMS also contains a link to the Network Operating Centre (NOC). It is the NOC which monitors the functionality of the Cinema estate and provides specific reporting data.

The Project:

21st Century Cinema contracted Flat Rock Technology to design their new Brand identity which included Logo and stationary as well as their new website.

The Solution

Following the client functional requirements and specification, Flat Rock successfully delivered the new brand identity as well as the CMS based website. The new website based on Open Source functionality (PHP, MySQL) and designed to allow the client maximum editing rights.

The site is built to the latest SEO architecture to support the client growth.

The site is available at For further details about the site and the project, please contact us.

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