2011 IT Outsourcing Trends

There are many predictions and trends discussions in the beginning of each year.

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We would welcome your view on the key trends in the IT Outsourcing industry in 2010.

What do you expect or hope for from your software and web development partners in 2011?

The trends we see as most pronounced are these:

The market still operates under difficult economic conditions. That in itself means that nearshore and offshore outsourcing will grow in 2011.

The main factors that determine the choice of an outsourcing partner are cost savings and financial flexibility.

The fastest growing outsourcing model is Multisourcing. Multiple specialized IT vendors contracts are preferred rather than single large contracts with one IT Supplier.

Outsourcing abroad is being sought more and more, the percentage of companies that find offshoring a preferred practice is growing and it will continue to grow in 2011.

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