Quality Cleaning Supplies Goes E-commerce

About Quality Cleaning Supplies and R & R Distribution

Quality Cleaning Supplies is the online branding of the successful Berkshire based Cleaning Supplies Company, R and R Distribution.

R & R Distribution Ltd. has been involved in the supply of quality cleaning products and equipment for over 20 years.

R & R Distribution Limited chose Quality Cleaning Supplies as their brand for the website catalogue of their products. Flat Rock conceived and designed the brand as part of the overall CMS website project. The objective of the website was to generate traffic, creating significant interest for the Quality Cleaning Supplies products.

The CMS website was created with the view of eventually evolving into an online shopping website. The next step in the overall marketing strategy of the company was to upgrade the website into an e-commerce web application.

About the E-commerce Project

When the website catalogue garnered  the expected great interest, R & R Distribution Limited asked Flat Rock to scale up their website into an e-commerce site. The project involved an implantation and migration of the Quality Cleaning website into an e-commerce application as well as some design modification of the logo and website images.

About the Technical Solution Technology

The e-commerce solution is based on the Interspire Shopping Cart, utilizing open source technologies, PHP, MySQL. The e-commerce website is hosted and managed by Flat Rock Technology.

You can see the new e-commerce Quality Cleaning Supplies  website here.

About Flat Rock

Flat Rock has specialized in e-commerce website development for a long time and has perfected its practice in developing companies’ web e-commerce presence. Amongst the e-commerce websites we have developed are,,,

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