• Be original, have fun!

    The 3 issue of our e-magazine is now available online for your review. This issue features few interesting articles including an interview with Andrew Perutz the owner of the UK web based Gallery Perutz, 5 SEO tips from a leading SEO consultant, 2nd article about project management and update on new features in php version […]

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  • Knowledge Rocks, Flat Rock’s E-magazine

    The third issue of Knowledge Rocks, Flat Rock’s e-magazine is out today. You can read it here. We have made a point this month to combine practical tips and ideas with entertaining stories and an insightful interview. You will find some tips for SEO successful strategies.

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  • IT Outsourcing Models

    The three IT outsourcing options most commonly used are the Project, Personnel and Function models. The Project Outsourcing model is the most easily defined in concept. A project that requires skills your IT department lacks is assigned to an IT partner that you have chosen. This allows you to concentrate on your core business, while at […]

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  • IT Outsourcing and Cost Savings – Start Here!

    It is a known fact that IT costs can (in most cases) be reduced when IT functions are outsourced on a contract basis. This is an indisputable business reality nowadays. Many organizations have taken the tactics of “do what you do best (your core business) and outsource the rest” and implement it within the IT/IS services […]

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  • Intranet Trends

    Intranets are no longer just places to exchange business messages and letters. They are becoming social networking centres. Companies initially envisioned intranets as something resembling local post offices. In recent trends, however, the role of the intranets has grown into something significantly more diverse. Intranets software reflects that trend. There are enhancements that allow the […]

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  • IT Outsourcing Values

    In the second part of our IT Outsourcing Trends series, we are looking at some of the criteria for successful outsourcing partnerships. The Outsourcing Center holds the annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards and performs a study of the award winners to identify current IT Outsourcing best practices and trends – both the clients and the outsourcing vendors.

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