IT Outsourcing Models

The three IT outsourcing options most commonly used are the Project, Personnel and Function models.

  • The Project Outsourcing model is the most easily defined in concept. A project that requires skills your IT department lacks is assigned to an IT partner that you have chosen. This allows you to concentrate on your core business, while at the same time get the project done efficiently and in a cost effective way. In this way you avoid taking risks and spending money on hiring additional staff.
  • Personnel Outsourcing means that you use an outside team of IT specialists with an account manager that is responsible for the operations of the team. The deliverables are in accordance with the changing requirements of your organization. This IT outsourcing model offers the greatest flexibility.
  • The Function Outsourcing model allows any task that is not part of the internal structure of your IT department to be outsourced to an external IT partner. Removing such a function from within a company can free up time and budget for the internal IT department.

Choosing the right outsourcing model for your company requires careful consideration of your goals, plans and internal resources. Companies should analyze carefully which IT outsourcing model suits their objectives best and increases their return on investment.

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