• The Wedding of the Internet Age

    The upcoming British royal wedding is being called the Wedding of the Internet Age. It is mentioned at least once every 10 seconds online. A few hundred million viewers will watch it streamed live on the web. In any single internet forum you can see hundreds of thousands of posts about it. The coverage the royal […]

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  • Green Bean PM

    By Peter Taylor, author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ How should new project managers learn from the ‘Old beans’? When my kids were young they loved to play one particular game at the annual birthday parties. This game involved ‘Beans’ – all of the kids standing ready and waiting for instructions and then the cry […]

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  • Project Management: Mission Impossible

    An article by Peter Taylor, author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ What should the theme tune be for all project managers? I recently ran a survey to find out the answer to this critical question and all of you PMs out there in project management world climbed aboard the bandwagon and voted in your thousands.

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  • Productive Laziness and the Art of Having Fun

    In the years I have done many things to encourage team bonding, lighten the darker moments of project hell, and diffuse difficult project related situations. I have even accepted the full and complete blame for every problem, issue and challenge to a project in front of a room full of project team members, before walking […]

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