The Wedding of the Internet Age

The upcoming British royal wedding is being called the Wedding of the Internet Age.

It is mentioned at least once every 10 seconds online.

A few hundred million viewers will watch it streamed live on the web.

In any single internet forum you can see hundreds of thousands of posts about it.

The coverage the royal wedding has had on the Internet — from online news sites to social media  makes if an unprecedented public event. It is expected that it will be followed by 2 billion people on the net.

The British royal family has been using the net as media smartly. The royals have  channels on Facebook , YouTube and the photo-sharing Flickr site.

William and Kate’s engagement was first announced on Twitter in November,apart from the standard issuing of a press release.

Further to the wedding being streamed on the Royal Channel ( on Friday, it will be also covered in live multimedia blog.

Prince William’s office has said that the couple wishes to make the wedding as accessible as possible for as many people as want to participate.

It is a sign of the times and an acknowledgement of the role the web plays nowadays that a traditional establishment such as the royal family has embraced this media to reach out an unprecedented number of people.

The internet being so fully accepted and utilized by the British Royal Family, crowns it officially as one of, if not -the  most important communications channels of our  time.

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