• Relax, No Panic

    We are pleased to announce that the fourth issue of Flat Rock’s monthly e-magazine Knowledge Rocks is out. Flat Rock has entered the field of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions adding solutions that integrate companies’ internal and external management information to its portfolio. You can read about ERP solutions in the article ‘ERP – Loosening the […]

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  • IT Outsourcing and Job Creation

    In the minds of most people IT Outsourcing usually would imply job cuts in the company that outsources its IT functions. A recent study by the European Economy Research Centre (Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH) in Germany disputes this assumption. The German economist Jorg Ohnemus has collected and analyzed data from 1100 companies and has […]

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  • IT Outsourcing to Multiple Providers

    Outsourcing to numerous specialised IT vendors ensures IT outsourcing success. In a recent Deloitte and Touche survey, 62% of companies that outsourced all their IT to one firm reported poor or mixed results, whereas 77% of companies that selectively chose to outsource different IT functions to different providers achieved success.

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  • Flat Rock Develops a WordPress Plugin

    Flat Rock has developed a new WordPress plugin that adds a widget displaying the YouTube subscribe box in the sidebar of WordPress websites. Plugin Functionality This widget displays a YouTube Subscribe button in the frontend and the number of subscribers and videos in the sidebar.

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