• Problem Solving in Outsourcing

    IT outsourcing works for small and medium sized companies because it provides the best possible combination of having the right specialists, the most innovative technologies at the right price, while letting companies concentrate on their strong core businesses. There are many benefits from outsourcing but the blend of needed resources, low risk and cost savings […]

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  • 5 Tips for IT Partner Selection

    At Flat Rock we constantly seek ways to improve our business practices, we research new trends and innovations in the IT sector. We have worked with hundreds of clients and have delivered software and web solutions at high quality, on time and on budget. We have explored ways to raise the standard of our services […]

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  • Sampling and Individualization in IT Outsourcing

    A growing importance is put on the individual contact between the client and the web designer or developer, as well as the project manager from the outsourcing company. For the outsourcing client there are a number of benefits that can be enjoyed with this new trend of person-to-person outsourcing. A client is able to directly […]

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