A Short Historical Overview of IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing began in the 1980s. The Internet changed the face of outsourcing in the 1990s. Then the trend turned into a huge industry in the past few decades. The areas that got outsourced diversified immensely in recent years.

The landscape of outsourcing changed yet again when Application Service Provider companies started offering core business applications from centralized locations through the Internet. However as some Application Service Provider companies failed to deliver the services as promised, this trend declined, but it gave the start of other outsourcing trends.

Other types of companies came on the IT outsourcing scene – Managed Service Providers. They offered either remote or a combination of onsite and offsite elements of IT – applications and devices, or even entire IT infrastructures to their clients. These services allowed companies to reduce their costs and improve their IT operations.

The newest development in IT outsourcing is cloud computing. Cloud computing makes available business and technology resources that are virtualized and offered as a service.

There are many different types of cloud computing. It has transformed the industry of IT outsourcing in the past few years and analysts believe the trend will continue to grow.

In the beginning IT outsourcing was practiced mainly by big business organizations. Gradually as IT outsourcing grew and diversified, other types of companies started seeing the benefits of it.

Currently the biggest benefits from IT outsourcing are had by small and medium sized businesses. They not only save costs but increase the quality of their IT operations and gain greater flexibility.

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