A Cool Read in the Summer Heat

The sixth issue of Knowledge Rocks e-magazine is out!

We are happy to give you the July issue of Flat Rock’s monthly e-magazine Knowledge Rocks. You can find it here.

In this issue we have turned our attention to some very trendy topics we are sure you have opinion of. We start off by looking at the Benefits and Dangers of Social Networking. Most of us are already very active in the virtual space but we all have to be aware of the problems we may encounter, how to avoid them and be careful of the way and type of information we share.

We also continue our management themed articles, this time submitted by Flat Rock Managing Director Ran Gazit-Berger. Start off on the “right foot” offers some insightful advice and sheds some light on the issues of delivery process, communication, responsibilities and risk management.

Peter Taylor, author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, contributes again with his original view on the project process and how to bring it to a successful end for the whole team. The Art of Good Project Closure will certainly engage you and make you look back at your own work style and maybe help you drive it further in the right direction.

We would appreciate your feedback and your comments and suggestions on the articles of Knowledge Rocks. Join us in our groups on Linkedin and Facebook if you wish to discuss the e-magazine topics or if you would like to share ideas on what subjects you wish us to cover next.

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