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The seventh issue of Knowledge Rocks e-magazine is out!

We are happy to offer you the August issue of Flat Rock’s e-magazine. We have prepared for you many interesting materials to help you stay informed and at the same time enjoy interesting findings.

Continuing on the topic on Social networks from last week, we have an article about Social Media Marketing. You will read some very interesting facts and you will see how beneficial for your marketing strategies they can be.

Moreover, we surveyed ourselves, at Flat Rock to see how we use social media and networking in our daily life. See how you find the results in Flat Rock Tell All about the Social Media Tale.

For all of you who care about the quality content on their websites we have some hints as what is and how to protect yourself from Google Panda, because it surely knows Kung Fu techniques.

We would appreciate your feedback and your comments and suggestions on the articles of Knowledge RocksJoin us in our groups on Linkedin and Facebook if you wish to discuss the e-magazine topics or if you would like to share ideas what subjects you wish us to cover next.

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