Blog Carnival: The Virtual Workforce

Flat Rock Technology is proud to announce the new initiative that we undertake and have the intention to maintain. We decided to host a blog carnival for you on the topic The Virtual Workforce.

The notion of blog carnivals is not new and they are quite popular in the blogging society. So what is a blog carnival? Blog carnivals are free to join, they are organized by a host blog, which collects posts sent from other bloggers and wraps them up in a particular topic, and so instead of you browsing the web for articles on a topic of your interest into different places, you have it in one place as a blog carnival.

This time, as it is our first carnival we decided to offer you different types of information sources: our recent post on dedicated teams, a guest blog post about the freelance revolution and an infographic about the rising trend of working from home.

Our first carnival pays attention to the Virtual Workforce. We have already posted an article on the benefits and options for dedicated teams in outsourcing, which you can read here: Dedicated Teams: Outsourcing Strategy that Works

Next, we welcome our guest blogger post Emma. Emma presents Freelance Revolution posted at CreditDonkey.

The post offers interesting insight on the freelance trends and data that sparks discussions and thoughts about the advantages and shortcomings of the freelance jobs.

We also want to share with you this amazing infographic on working from home. It is compiled from a survey made by WorkSimple. They interviewed senior leaders and hiring managers at Fortune 500 companies and shared statistics, which in fact are quite intriguing.

Flat Rock Technology welcomes your feedback and comments as well as blog post contributions. For more information you can contact us.

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