New Voucher Comparison Website for the UK Market

About Voucher Comparison

Voucher Comparison is an original and comprehensive website for comparing vouchers online. The website is already live and everyone can visit it at What is unique about Voucher Comparison is that it is an absolute innovation in the online market and is pioneering in a very difficult to break field. Voucher Comparison offers voucher & deal comparisons, cashback comparisons and daily deal comparisons.

Voucher Comparison aims to be the one stop shop for consumers informing them where the best deal for them is. This is possible because the website collects all the offers and voucher codes from the vast number of different voucher, cashback & Daily Deal sites out there for the convenience of consumers. The comparison option lets the user see where they can find the best deal for their desired voucher.

Flat Rock Solution

Vendari Limited approached Flat Rock Technology with the idea for the Voucher Comparison website and together we managed to create the website that will change the online voucher interaction and search by consumers. Having worked already on the first Vendari project, Flat Rock was already a trusted partner.

The website’s main feature is the easy and quick comparison between different vouchers answering the search criteria of the user. When more than 1 voucher matching the search query is found, the system compares similar vouchers for one product/retailer or different offers for the same product/retailer.

As there is a possibility that the vouchers are not the same in immediate value, e.g. there may be two vouchers one for £10 discount and the other for 10% off, a special calculator helps the user determine which voucher is the better deal for them according to the parameters they enter – quantity, budget or type of purchasing.

Here is an example of purchasing 2 pizzas and the results after clicking the “Help me decide” button that calculates the best deal for these parameters.

Voucher Comparison offers every user an amazing and comprehensive experience due to its vast database and constant updating of vouchers. The systems Voucher Comparison uses at the moment, for collecting information, account to about 40 with an option for increase.

Right now Flat Rock is developing a new interface protocol that will alleviate the exchange of information between Voucher Comparison and all of its partner sites.

“ is a rarity for the simple fact it is an innovation in the online space, something that is extremely hard to achieve today. Voucher Comparison hasn’t been done before or even conceived by anyone…” shared Dominic Yacoubian, Vendari Managing Director.

An full interview with Vendari Managing Director about the launch and preparation of the project you can read in the next issue of our E-Magazine “Knowledge Rocks”, which will be out at the end of November.

If you are interested in Flat Rock solution for this project feel free to contact us or visit our portfolio for more interesting projects we have completed.

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