Create a 6 Page Website: Content Tips

Excellent content is the new player on the web field. With the introduction of Google Panda and the ever developing and complex algorithms of the search engines, what will save your website from the search limbo is great content.

Many articles cover the topics of how important content is and that you have to say something meaningful to your customers that will attract and keep them.

However, these words as wise as they seem they do not provide a lot of insight as to how to do it. Writing is not something easy and requires thought, consideration, research and attention to details, excellent grammar and style as well as patience.

Unless you have an online catalogue that lists only name, price and colour of the items you sell, your webpages need to have a sufficient text body that is meaningful and interesting to read.

So, where to start?

We will help you build your website and create quickly and easily 6 pages!

1. All about your business!

Do not be afraid to write about your business. Fear of competition sometimes prevents business owners to disclose information about their business. Do not be one of them!

Explain to your audience in simple words

  • Your business idea
  • Your business solution
  • Your solution advantage

If it is a family business or has an interesting history share that. If people have come to your website they want to know about your services, so let them find what they need.

Describe your team members and their achievements, your company awards, testimonials, etc. Do not overdo it, though. Make it short and simple. Avoid clutter and different styles.

2. Services/Solutions/Products

This is the core of every website. Many companies suffer because they leave this information vague and unclear and unless one calls, they will never know what exactly is offered. If you offer products make a catalogue or an e-commerce page and describe your products so clients can see them clearly. If you offer graphic design explain your competencies and upload a few portfolio items and so on. Be clear what you sell and do not put misleading information.

3. Prices

Depending on the business, putting prices is very helpful to the client. It is vital if you have an online store. Not displaying prices may be conceived as suspicious. So, if you can put prices, do it. Competition can always get them on the phone if they want.

4. Clients

Get in touch with your clients and ask them if they agree to be included in your website. This is a great proof of your work so far and an advertisement for them so it is a win-win situation. Having clients that are featured on your webpage increases your credibility and reliability among new prospects.

5. Blog

Do you need a blog? Yes, you do. Everyone business does. The blog is the place where you get in touch with your client base, where you answer their questions and help them use your products or explain their benefits.

Imagine you have a carpenter workshop and you sell all kinds of furniture. In the blog, you post the tips about how to preserve outdoor wooden items; you share your knowledge about lacquers, pastes, storage and so on. Now, you are an expert and people will flock to hear your next advice, because IT IS HELPFUL in the real world, and it is not just filling pixels.

The blog is your throne from where you share your expertise. Use it! It is a powerful tool.

6. Contact details

Tell people how to reach you. Give them a physical address, a phone number, an email address, a map if possible, a direct form to fill. Unclear contact details lead to many prospect losses.

3 Extra tips:

UPDATE your information as much as possible, do not leave it become stale and unusable. It is noticeable and people will think your business is not active anymore.

If you find mistakes, correct them as soon as possible. People spot that immediately.

Do not be lazy with your website, it is your future business. Care for it and make it nice and informative. Here you can find more tips for better web content.

If you need more information about the creation of a website, help with content or web design do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Building content is critical as it provides your website with value not only to consumers but additionally to the search engines like Google.

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