The Main Building Blocks of Every Website

Creating a website is not an easy task. The web space is filled with millions of websites that lure us to think that creating one of those is not a big deal but the real high quality websites require work and dedication. When creating a website it is very important to know what we need to be careful about and take special care of. Websites can be complex so a definite plan is needed before you start.

There are some essentials in the creation of a website that should not be overlooked. In a series of posts we will look at the main building blocks of every website and analyse their importance and functions.

This time we will pay specific attention to 4 main parts connected to a good website. These are far from being enough but it is a good start.

1. Content

Before starting any website you have to be aware of the content, that website will offer. You should know the number of pages and what information these pages will feature. You will save a lot time if you take care of the content prior to working on any other part. Design should follow functionality and present the information in the best possible way so it should come after content creation and not before it as some people think.

Many website owners do not spend enough time thinking about their content and bad content will drive visitors away regardless of the look of the website. After all, a website exists to convey a message and share something valuable and interesting. Focusing on content is the most important thing as SEO is all about it now that the search engines are getting smarter.

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2. Content management system

Another important part of any website is the content management system. Learning to work with one will give you incredible freedom to control your website content, to add and delete information, upload pictures, update news and so on.

Depending on the kind of CMS, you can have basic or more sophisticated features that will make you the master of your website. A good CMS is essential for creating the pages you want or later removing pages you do not need.

3. Web design

Website design is very important. It is the natural completion of your website presence along with the content. Depending on the type of website, design can vary – from simple pages with a few images to a cutting-edge web-show experience. However, one should be careful as not to make the website too bland or too flashy (pun intended).

Design should be about functionality and appealing to the target audience. You should be careful to choose the right colour scheme, font and size of text and overall “look and feel”.

Internet users are very picky and they do not tolerate amateur looking websites, and once you lose a visitor it is very difficult to convince them to come back.

Professional designers are aware of the tendencies, colours and structure websites should have, so if you feel insecure, you’d better consult one.

4. Browser compatibility

It is crucial to make sure that your website is compatible with all the common browsers and their latest versions. If you use one browser, your visitors may user another and ignorance about this is something that will damage your website traffic. Problems can be in functionality, differences in design and style, etc.

You should absolutely test your website in Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Chrome and it is recommended to test it in Safari and Opera as well. Do not be lazy at that part because if you do not care nobody would.

We believe these tips will be useful for you because they are tested and proved. You are welcome to share feedback and ideas. If you need help in developing a website or need more information about web design, content management systems and content writing services Flat Rock offers, feel free to contact us.

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