Benefits of Intranet for Companies

Intranet has become a popular investment for many companies of different sizes. However, for some its benefits are vague and not well utilized. We will try to shed some light on the matter and see how useful it can be to a company’s internal structure and communication methods.

Intranet, as its name suggests, it closely connected to Internet and can be referred to as a company’s internal Internet. Intranet connects a company computer network into a unified system that is accessible to all employees with an account. External users are not permitted, they can only have access if the Intranet system is extended to outside parties, e.g. with an Extranet.

Moreover, Intranets may connect different organizations, e.g. schools, associations, alliances, etc and let them share information in a single database.

Intranet offers many benefits to companies that deal with large amounts of data and require a quick and effortless communication between teams and departments across the organization.

Here we list the most prominent and immediate features of the Intranet that can be of use to any company regardless of the size.

  1. Internal email system
  2. Message board
  3. Company news and events
  4. Company templates and forms
  5. Staff data (e.g. for the HR department)
  6. Training in real time (training documents vault)
  7. Resources exchange between employees and teams
  8. Reduction of paperwork
  9. Immediate access to updates of projects, plans and schedules
  10. Creates a sense of community and enhances corporate culture

In addition to these benefits, as the Intranet is easily accessible from the Internet, companies can use virtual teams and remote work is alleviated as all the data needed for the performance of a task is available all the time, regardless of the location. In addition, the exchange of information is made easy and available to anyone in the company.

Intranets increase productivity because they save time, as the information can be located quickly even from home and provide customers with the latest updates without risk of it not being recent.

Companies with departments in different locations also achieve substantial cost savings for communication. Having a unified system for processing information and client data and queries allows for timely response and independence of the time zone as you do not have to wait for the employee three time zones away to be at work for awareness of the problem or a detailed explanation.

Intranets can be customized for each company’s specific needs and requirements and the outlined benefits above are just basic for any standard Intranet system.

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