The Main Building Blocks of Every Website Part 3: Social Media

We have already discussed the essential components you should think about when creating your website in our two previous articles about the Main Building Blocks of Every Website Part 1 and Part 2. We paid attention to the web design, analytics, structure, content and so on. Now, we will turn to the almighty influence of the social media.

Everyone that is at least a bit aware of what is happening on the Internet is familiar with some of the main social media networks, such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr,  StumbleUpon, etc. There are way too many to be able to list them all here. The point is that the web is so interconnected now that just having a good-looking website is not going to bring much traffic.

The strategy of the successful website should include the integration and active participation in social media. It is vital that your business has an additional presence online and a profile on different social networks. However, the most important thing is to lead your customers from your Facebook page to your website and vice versa using quality content.

When creating a website or if you already have one, think about the best way to show that you are active online. Blogging is one great option as we have discussed before (you can check the Value of the Blog for Your Business). Nevertheless, your blog along with your website should include buttons, links and feeds to the social media you have profiles in. After every article in your blog, or news in your website, install sharing buttons (many are available depending on preferred style and colour) and connect them to the respective pages you have in the different platforms.

You can put a “Like”, “+1”, “Tweet”, “Pin it” buttons and many more to urge your visitors to rate your website and to share it with the rest of the world, thus increasing its popularity, ranking and visitors’ interest.

The most important thing to remember, however, is not just to put a link and a dull profile. You have to be active in the places you send your visitors too, otherwise if you do not offer them any value they will not come back. Create a Facebook page and update it with news, polls, promotions, etc. Tweet regularly about your business and industry, be active in your Linkedin business group, use Pinterest to promote your products. All these together will enhance the attractiveness of your website and create a fuller picture of your business for your visitors.

People (and Google) want to see updates as often as possible. Everyone is moving all the time, acting, sharing, creating content. You should find a way to be part of that flow so your business will appear modern and aware of the needs of its client base.

Having shared all that, you should remember that quality outweighs quantity and depending on your business and your resources it is better to focus on a couple of social media tools and nurture them, than to try to be in 10 places but not really updating them.

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