The New Social Media: Pinterest, Polyvore, 9gag, Instagram

Many of us, who have some idea of the Internet and have accounts in various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Digg and you name it may feel a little perplexed by all the recent commotion new social media players have caused lately. Pinteresting, you think?

There are so many new channels to express our thoughts and to connect to others, who have similar interests, that frequent updates would come quite handy. What we see lately is that content has enriched its meaning and is not solely perceived as text. Content creation has spread so much that almost everything we share on the web creates the new web space.

And this new web space LOVES images!

It is clear why. We know that picture is worth a thousand words. It speaks every language, can be a simple funny meme, a beautiful artwork, a puppy hugging a kitten, a futuristic gadget, the most delicious looking cake in the world, a much desired designer bag and everything else that can cross your mind.

And it seems that we all love sharing images!

Fortunately, there are platforms that offer us the opportunity to use that power (what started what is difficult to tell) but the important issue is that this trend is gaining immense power and is overshadowing old social networks in traffic and interest.

We can start with maybe the most famous of all, the “women’s network” as some call it, Pinterest. It gained popularity and is very successful in sharing images connected to home décor, arts and crafts, gourmet food and fashion. Lately, though, the amazing increase in popularity has ranked it is the most quickly developing social network across the USA and UK.

In addition there is Polyvore. While mainly connected to creating collages, it has found a way to attract millions of users and due to its recent recognition of Pinterest influence it gained more visitors letting them share their Polyvore creations while pinning them to their boards.

What about Instagram? It is not a social network in the sense that we all know but in the web sharing world it can classify as that. The app is so popular that recently the mash-up Pingram (Pinterest and Instagram united) was accepted very positively as people were now allowed to pin their Instagram pictures.

Finally, let’s talk about the meme. Do we even need to talk about it? 9gag has turned the meme into an emblem of emotion and it’s everywhere conveying messages that are not restrained to any language or even culture because they exploit the understanding and interests of the modern generation and human nature.

We can only guess what future holds for the development of social media but what we see points to the direction of simpler, smaller and easier. Somehow, lengthy texts are left to be mostly enjoyed by search engines and devoted information seekers while most just want to have fun.

Share you experience on using different social media and let us know your favourite!

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  1. MilenaK

    Then, I am so glad you StumbleUpon it and Reddit. More pinteresting posts to come 🙂

  2. Stoyan Stoyanov

    Thank you, MilenaK! This article was Poly Pininteresting. I totally Digg it. It figuratively GAGed me with so ++ fun places to Linkin. And it did it in an Instagram.

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