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Outsourcing in Confidence

To have a successful business demands much more than an original idea. Many companies fail to realize the full potential that they have because they lose focus of their core competencies, become afraid of looking for help or are just unaware of the benefits a partnership can offer.

Outsourcing has been an integral part of business relationships in the last decades. With the facilitation of communication, global availability of resources and advancement of technologies companies can find easily and utilize the skills they need for short or long-term projects.

Some businesses, though, still do not see outsourcing as a valuable asset to their different activities. Strange as it seems for those companies, outsourcing may appear risky and unreliable as they feel they will not be able to control the work process or guarantee its quality. Not considering outsourcing as an option, however, may deprive them of new business opportunities and diversification of their portfolio.

Trust is an important issue in business relations as it defines the way and manner work is done. Now it is easier than ever to find resources around the globe, follow the work process in detail and receive timely and accurate information about its status and development.

Offshoring has stepped down as a strategy and given place to nearshoring – an outsourcing policy especially popular in Europe. Nearshoring allows easy monitoring, common EU legislation, close time zones and lower costs. Flat Rock Technology is one of the companies in Europe that has realized the potential nearshoring has for its IT projects.

A development centre such as the one in Bulgaria provides the company’s clients with cost effective solutions that are flexible in terms of hiring period and size of the team. This outsourcing strategy uses the main advantages a highly educated and nearby workforce can offer and namely high quality service, communication in real time and benefits of the local market prices.

Enlarging your team for a specific job is quick and secure. Flat Rock clients are free to choose the number of people working on their projects and the specialists they will add to their in-house team personally. The convenience of the UK office provides extra security for those clients who are still not used to work with international suppliers. Meeting and briefing the management team in person and having the opportunity to find out more about previous IT projects enhances the value of the work relationship.

Flat Rock understands the tax or legislative issues that may occur so all contractual agreements are done with Flat Rock Technology UK.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner sometimes is not easy but we guarantee outsourcing in confidence because we can offer you:

• high quality IT solutions from experienced and highly qualified IT professionals

• real time communication

• office in London, UK

• choosing the developers personally

• benefit from Bulgarian prices

• contractual relationship with the UK company

If you want to find out more about Flat Rock outsourcing services, you can contact us or visit our website.

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