Size Doesn’t Matter

Isn’t it great to extend your team with the resources you need quickly and efficiently? Many businesses face the issue of needing more resources for a specific period at a specific time and often take measures that are not so well aligned with their business strategy and organization. For instance, when faced with an urgent project that needs increased workforce, many companies hire new employees often without fully sure of their professional qualities or thinking how to handle the increased labour costs after the particular project is finished.

Laying off recently hired employees is demotivational for the rest of the team. Moreover, the amount of sunk costs connected to the quick recruitment process will have to be incurred again when a new project of this type appears. Handling such situations, though, does not have to leave you in a never ending vicious circle. For any business, having additional work can only be accepted as a positive sign and full advantage should be taken. And, there is a cost effective, quick and risk free way to do that.

Outsourcing is a popular and tested way for coping with additional tasks that are not completely covered by your business core competencies or such that demand fast and secure expansion of the team. Many outsourcing companies such as Flat Rock specialise in providing outsourcing solutions for web and software development projects. If you have some available workforce in house you can opt for creating a mixed team and combine your own team with an outsourced dedicated specialist who will join your company or project for a particular period  of time.

Flat Rock Technology offers an array of IT specialists that can be outsourced at very beneficial terms. There is no minimum time or a number of outsourced professionals that you have to meet, as there are also no limitations. You can choose to hire one specialist for 2 months or 5 for a year. You do not have to go into an employment contractual agreement although the outsourced professionals will be answering to you and working only on your projects.

In addition you will be able to have full monitoring of the process and give feedback directly to the IT specialist of your choice.

Size doesn’t matter at all – the results are what counts. Scale up and down your team without additional recruitment costs and lengthy search for the right and qualified professional. Now you can have the team you need for the time you need it quickly and easily and rely on professionalism and high quality service. Flexibility is something we excel in without the common traps of package deals that will make you pay for services you do not need.

Outsourcing with Flat Rock will allow you to:

• hire even only one developer

• choose the professional personally

• work with us on short or long-term projects

Employment time and team member number does not matter to Flat Rock and there is no minimum time or number of outsourced professionals required. Contact us now to boost your company performance with a quality outsourcing in confidence.



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