Flat Rock Senior Software Engineer PhD Nikolay Raychev Presents His Research on Quantum Queries Complexity

On the April 4th 2012, the Technical University Varna was a host to its Jubilee Scientific Conference with international participation. It had 249 participants from 6 universities, who presented 184 scientific articles.

Flat Rock was represented by one of its senior software engineer Nikolay Raychev. Asst.Prof. Raychev talked about his recent research on “Complex Quantum Queries”. In his report Asst.Prof. Raychev, presented a few of his new quantum algorithms for optimizing of deterministic and random complexity of quantum queries.

For the first time he presented three new theorems as well as a couple of existing model walks in n-dimensional lathe in Hilbert space with the use of conjucted transpose matrices. Asst.Prof. Raychev talked about some of his new quantum functions, which are not present in previous algorithms looking for graph properties. In addition, he also shared his optimization of the walk implementation. According to Asst.Prof. Raychev his results only partially affect the topic of the possible phenomenology and the algorithmic implications of the quantum walk.

He also presented his improved Becel function in which a given initial localized state evolves in a left and right moving wave packet, propagating with speed .

In his report, Asst.Prof. Raychev suggests a new technique for creating coherent super positions and entanglement states based on the properties of the circular matrices, which allows manipulation of collective quantum states in separate potential hole.

The algorithms can be applied to a wide range of problems for identifying a solution as well as for optimizing of quantum algorithms for finding substructures in a graph.

Asst.Prof. Raychev pointed out that his first theorem can be implemented to the induced subgraphs while the improvements described in the second theorem cannot be directly applied as induced. It can be useful for general study of induced subgraphs.

Some of the algorithms presented in the research have found a practical use in one of Flat Rock’s large projects, in which walks of unregular reverse graphs are implemented.

Nikolay Raychev is also an author of the research paper “Publishing of multimedia messages directly from the phone to the website”, which you can download for free.

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