Benefits of Outsourcing in Europe – Culture

Outsourcing to Europe has proved to be not just a fad but also a serious direction in which many companies are headed to. Europe is much more diverse and at the same time unified that most people may think. Central and Eastern European countries have long felt the business mood as many companies have already settled their departments there. The Baltics and even more so the Balkans have become central players in the outsourcing field.

Therefore, what exactly is so attractive about outsourcing in Europe? In our previous article about Benefits of outsourcing in Europe we talked about location and discussed why setting a local office in Europe and not far away is the preferred strategy for many companies.

This time we will focus on another positive trait Europe offers and that is the common culture. It is true that in Europe, there is a lot of diversity but still all countries share similar customs, religion and corporate culture.

These similarities are extremely important when conducting a business and crucial for specific industries. The European Union is home to many different countries and historical events but the political atmosphere and open borders make blending into cultures and learning much easier and quick.

Europeans travel a lot and are familiar with the customs in surrounding countries. Moreover, the educational institutions are multinational and students from all over the world exchange experience and learn to live with cultural differences. The young workforce in the Eastern and Central European countries is well educated and knows how to communicate with each other. Studying foreign languages from young age is also extremely common.

While in many Asian countries, English is the primary foreign language, in Europe popular languages are also German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Many young specialists speak more than one foreign language making them very flexible and desired for foreign companies looking to outsource.

In addition, most countries in Europe share the same religion and thus have similar holiday times, making it easier to coordinate and communicate.

The IT field is very well developed and countries like Bulgaria are famous for their traditions in technology and sciences. The long history of achievements in these fields has made Bulgaria one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations for many IT companies.

Law and regulations also play an important role in the decision to outsource in Europe. With the European Union acting as a unifying force, many countries comply with common legal frameworks and thus alleviate business interactions.

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