Free Currency Exchange Rates Widget for Ionize CMS by Flat Rock

Flat Rock has prepared another amazing present for the community to use and share – a brand new free widget for Ionize CMS!

We, at Flat Rock, realise the diversity of the market and the abundant choice, web owners have when they have to pick the right content management system for their website. That is why we created a new and exciting widget for those who have preferred Ionize CMS.

The widget displays international currency exchange rates in the sidebar. It retrieves exchange rates from the European Central Bank and updates the rates on a daily basis.


1. Choose your base currency, e.g.: BGN if you have a Bulgarian site.

2. Specify how many and which other currencies to display and use for cross rating.

There is an extra feature – a calculator that allows converting amounts from one currency to another on the fly.

You can embed the widget in the view file as follows:

“<ion:widget name=”exchange” base_currency=”EUR” show_currency=”USD, GBP, JPY”/>”

Here is a screenshot showing how it looks:

You can change the labels by modifying the $lang variables in the language configuration files. At the moment, there is support for English and French.

If you need to modify the look & feel you can edit the CSS file located in the widget /css/ directory.

Download the widget and take a look at the readme file! … … readme.txt

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Please feel free to provide feedback!

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