Outsourcing – Management and Control Tools

Outsourcing could be a very easy process as long as it is well organized, follows a specific clear structure, allows quick and multidimensional communication and has the necessary technical tools and resources to make the project smooth and the delivery successful.

Fortunately, outsourcing has been around for quite some time and it has gone through many stages to become what it is today – a fast way to scale up and down without incurring recruiting costs and having low to no risk if a proper research for the right outsourcing partner has been conducted.

To have an effective outsourcing project, you need to implement the correct management and control tools that will guide you through the steps and make sure each phase of the process is clear and diligently followed.

Flat Rock Technology takes pride in its outsourcing projects organization, which have a carefully set escalation plan that strictly follows the development stages and their deadlines.

Another very important part of the project management is to have daily and weekly communication updates with the team and follow closely the progress and development, give and receive feedback and have timely information about the projects, milestones, achievements and possible delays or enquiries.

In addition, all our employees, including the outsourced professionals and dedicated teams, report their daily activities in detail in our comprehensive billing system. Afterwards each client can ask for the report and see how much time the separate tasks have taken and when the in the development process they have occurred. This information is useful not only for project analysis but also for monitoring purposes and better allocation of resources.

Apart from these activities, Flat Rock offers a support system for all current and past clients where they can report project issues, post change requests or ask questions. The support system is active 24/7 and the development team has full access to it in order to reply and react in a timely and accurate fashion. The system has options for attachment of files, various user types and complete management of tasks and issues.

Moreover, our technical team is available for additional questions or adding of functionalities and expanding the existing workforce. Flat Rock Technology has extensive expertise in managing and maintaining long and short-term outsourcing projects for partners from all over the world providing them with high quality specialists and complete confidentiality.

If you want to learn more about our outsourcing projects, you are welcome to contact us or visit our outsourcing page.

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