Web Design Tips For a Start-up Website

We sat with Flat Rock’s senior web designer and front end developer and asked him to share some insights for those who consider making or refreshing a website. He was kind enough to explain what mistakes should be avoided and give us invaluable tips for start-up websites.

1. What is the most important thing in a start-up website?

Rule number one: Know your goals!

Rule number two: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!!!

You need to know your target audience and the goals you want to achieve through your website. What is also very important is to meet adequately your visitors’ expectations and provoke them to take actions. In addition, it is crucial to follow trends and always respect the existing standards.

2. What colours are recommended?

Choosing the right colours for a website is one of the most difficult tasks. Selecting the perfect palette is essential for effectively communicating your company’s message and creating brand awareness.

There is not an universal colour that works for everyone, or one color palette, but there are rules that can help in choosing the right colour and colour palette for any website:

1) Stick to a natural palette of colours. You can allow extravagance only if you are more experienced or an extreme risk-lover.

2) Create a strong contrast between a page background and its text. Text blending with the page is not readable and will most likely be skipped by your visitors.

3) Select 2 or 3 different colours and use them consistently throughout the website. Along with contemporaneity, your website should be stylish.

4) Be sure to consider a palette suitable for people with visual disabilities.

Even subconsciously, each of your visitors is affected by the colour scheme your website offers and that plays in important role in the length and quality of browsing through the pages.

3. What colours should be avoided?

As there isn’t a perfect colour, there isn’t a web safe color either.

Colours evoke emotional responses and associations. Be careful when choosing a particular colour and check if it aligns with your business idea and product/service. Bright colours like red, yellow or orange can be good for a culinary website, while blue and white for a corporate one.

4. Give us 5 tips for start-up websites.

1) Practice safe design. Use a concept (a logical layout with a call to action on every page if possible).

2) Meet visitors’ expectations about colors, shapes and structure and focus on the user experience.

3) Content is king. Sometimes, though, that is neglected, which can be detrimental to a website.

4) Focus on user interface to achieve user experience that will make your visitors come back.

5) Know your audience. Listen to your visitor’s feedback and analyze it.

About the author:

Borislav Radushev is Flat Rock’s senior web designer and front end developer with a strong passion for typography and grid design, web standards, accessibility and usability. He is experienced in Information technology with solid webmaster skills, resource planning and customer relationship management systems integration.

He has invaluable practical knowledge in the website creation process, which includes requirements definition, prototyping, design, implementation and maintenance.

His skills include CSS (2) CSS (3) and XHTML and HTML (5) knowledge, and a skill set covering semantics, accessibility, usability, sensible development and JavaScript (jQuery framework) development skills.

For more information about web design or our projects, you can check our portfolio or contact us.

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  1. I have a pleasure to work with Borislav and my opinion so far is that he is one of the most gifted designers and biggest professionals that I’ve ever worked with!

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