What Makes a Good Project Manager? Part 1

Project managers are an integral part of any company that values client relationships, smooth and effective information flow and successful communication. They are both mediators and propellers, at the same time pushing and easing the work process between all project participants.

So, what makes a project manager, a really good project manager? First, it needs to be noted that depending on the industry the exact requirements, naturally vary and give more importance to some specific qualities than others but in essence all project managers should share some common important work strategies and attitude in order to fulfill in utmost detail and accuracy their tasks.

Good manners

One of the most important qualities for any project manager is respect for colleagues, supervisors and clients. Without proper attitude and manners, communication could be extremely difficult, leading to frustration, tension and often distortion of information. The good PM should be kind and possess good people’s skills not just to perform the job adequately but to show that he or she is trustworthy and can be relied on to listen to all parties and look for a solution in a timely and respectful fashion.

Language style

Another important element in the communication field is the correct language style. Business relationships as casual as they might become always retain a certain level of professionalism. Regardless whether it is an email correspondence, a conference call or a face-to-face meeting, every project manager should use appropriate language style. For written text, correct grammar and punctuation is a must as well as the right selection of wording. When talking, cracking a joke may break the ice but also the deal, so one should be careful and assess the situation on the spot.


Patience is virtue and applies to a full extent in the case of project management. While the work process should be controlled and conform to the set deadlines, rushing and stressing out should be avoided by any means. Careful consideration of the possible solutions to the problems along with neatly prepared emails and documentation is a much better alternative to a faster but sloppier performance. Practice makes perfect so with time efficiency, quick pace and quality should come together and form the job performance image.


This is a nice addition to the manners and language but has its own place in the project manager’s qualities list. Helpfulness is a personal quality rather than a professional one but when it becomes part of the job, it is invaluable for everyone who is involved in the project. The project manager is the one that should come as the most informed and reliable person in a project’s development. He or she is the linking part between clients and the project team. Everyone should feel at ease and comfortable to share with the project manager any issue that concerns them. And it’s the PM’s job to be responsive, responsible and helpful when a problem arises as well as to mitigate any blame or tension that may occur between the parties.

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