IDRC Website is Now Live!

Flat Rock is a happy to announce the newest addition to its portfolio – the stylish and sparkling website for a leading UK diamond laboratory.

IDRC is a London based fully equipped diamond grading laboratory offering diamond grading reports and diamond consulting.

IDRC offers information that the diamond has been independently inspected and examined for authenticity and quality. It keeps a data bank of all the reports produced.

The main purpose of a diamond report is to show that your selected diamond has been independently graded to ensure its uniqueness, authenticity and to further categorise its identity by its individual qualities and measurements.

Flat Rock was approached to design and develop the website. The final result is an amazing website you can visit at

The site uses Flat Rock’s own content management system Hydrogen CMS, developed on ASP.NET.

For more information about this project or previous projects, you are free to get in touch.

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