Windows 8: New Opportunities for Business

Few weeks after Microsoft released the new Windows 8, it has become the most discussed topic online. This time the company has decided to move forward and face the challenges of the changing marketing demands by integrating an innovative product, which will change the world of software forever.

Let’s have a look at why Windows 8 is very different from what we are used to.

A whole new world

The first thing that a user will notice is the new modern interface. It is made entertaining and interactive, allowing everyone to choose what application they would like to have on the start screen. The difference between Windows 8 and Windows 7 is the fact that you can open two applications at once, which will take one or two thirds of the screen. Users should forget about the old traditional Start menu, where you can find every program on the computer. Now you should simply need to browse through the applications on a separate screen. In case you feel unfamiliar with the new environment, you can easily switch to Desktop mode, which reminds us of Windows 7.

In terms of hardware the good news is that Windows 8 will run on the already existing one. However if you really want to improve your experience, it is recommended to use it on a touch device. Microsoft shows that it values users’ time by implementing USB 3.0 and cutting back the boot up time. You are able to start your device for only 8 seconds, which was impossible with Windows 7.

Probably the most useful new feature is the option to synchronize applications and settings across devices. Any document you edit on your Windows 8 device will be automatically uploaded to the cloud and all the devices in the network will have it updated. This fact creates a lot of opportunities for the business, especially if your job is dynamic and flexible and you do not spend a lot of time in the office.

Two new authentication security methods tailored towards touchscreens are introduced – PIN numbers and picture passwords. The picture password allows you to pick up a photo and by using circles, lines and taps to set three gestures, which will allow the system to recognize you. This innovation certainly creates the impression of more security across the board.

Why businesses will love it

Nowadays businesses are in a hurry – everyone is running for meetings and following strict schedules and sometimes it is very difficult to sit back at your computer and try to report what has happened during the whole day. We should also mention the long distances that many have to travel in order to get to work. That is why tablets and smartphones became so popular. They have created an  opportunity for people who travel a lot to update information online, prepare for business meetings or simply to browse through the web.

Today Windows 8 has developed that idea by creating a network between the different devices. Whenever you update a document on your smartphone, it will be automatically saved to your desktop and tablet. With this feature, Windows 8 is strongly aiming at the business market where that option will be much appreciated.

According to most of the reviews on Windows 8, the biggest problem with this OS is the fact that using it with a keyboard and a mouse will very often make no sense. This means that Desktop users will not like that new functionality at all. However businesses will love it. As it was discussed above, today’s companies will not stay the whole time in front of a desktop. People will use more and more touch devices and that is why Windows 8 will become a great partner for business.

Microsoft has made a big step by offering a product, which a lot of people will be able to fully enjoy using. They have tried to focus on the changing market and the way technology plans to develop in the next few years. With their move, they have managed to direct a lot of attention, which was running away from them the last few months.

Think about all the options Windows 8 offers and the positive impact it is going to have on your business. Flat Rock specializes in developing an array of web, software and mobile solutions and can help you expand your business quickly and professionally including the development of a custom Windows 8 application. Take a look at our portfolio or contact us for more information.

About the author:

Polina Ilieva is a Solution Specialist at Flat Rock Technology and focuses on web solutions such as content management systems, e-commerce platforms and mobile applications including Windows 8, Android and iOS.

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