Why SEP is the World’s Leader in the IT security

by Teodor, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

Every specialist in the IT industry knows that Symantec is the world leader in the IT security and Back Up solutions. On top of that some of the biggest independent Software analytics companies confirmed this trend. But we would like to go in details and learn more about Symantec strength.

Immediately, every Symantec’s sales representative could give 3 Symantec’s advantages: unrivaled security, blazing performance and support for virtual environment. These three features distinguish Symantec from the competition. The innovative products and solutions protect every IT environment – from the smallest mobile application, to the largest enterprises, even if it is cloud web-based. We can meet this solution in Symantec’s Endpoint Protection (SEP). This software protects the customer’s business against malware, threats and viruses.

What is Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)?

Many people will say that this is simple software against viruses. But SEP is much more than just antivirus software. Symantec Protection Endpoint provides 5 layers of protection:

  1. Network
  2. File
  3. Reputation
  4. Behavior
  5. Repair
What does SEP include?

SEP is a perfect opportunity for protection of any digital environment. It contains many features that facilitate every IT professional.

› Easy Installation (a non IT professional could easily install the software, only using a simple guide).

› Very light management control

› Personal Firewall

› USB device control – the IT administrator could control every device in the company IT environment. He might prohibit the using of all outside devices such as discs, flash memory, VoIP, Bluetooth, Infrared, hard discs etc.

› Application control – The IT administrator could make a decision, which application can be installed on the workstations (PCs). (For example if you don’t need Skype or another application in your IT infrastructure).

› The best that Symantec has created is called “hash-check”. SEP creates a “fingerprint” on every file in its database. Basically if some client installs SEP, the software makes the first main scanning, it remembers all files and adds some of them in a “white list” and the others in a “black list”. This happens because of the 5 layers of protection and is based also on the Symantec’s file storage base. No other company has the same protection and that is why Symantec has been chosen as the best IT security company for the past few years.

› SEP protects the mail client, such as Microsoft Exchange

› SEP protects the browser

In addition SEP is not created from different modules. It is one core, one product, including many features in one product. Symantec Endpoint Protection also is a very light product. SEP requires very few system resources, it is optimized and does not slow the whole IT environment.

According to all these features Symantec Endpoint Protection has been chosen for the best software product in his class.

Flat Rock Technology is an official Symantec reseller for the territory of Bulgaria.

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