DevReach 2013 – a Review

Last week for another successive year Sofia had the pleasure to host one of the premier developer conferences in Central and Eastern Europe – DevReach. More than 800 participants and 40 lecturers from 3 different continents gathered in the Sofia Event Center to present and discuss the latest trends in the .NET development, web and mobile technologies and cloud solutions. The event was organized by Telerik and for another year they reinforced their mission to make software development easier and more enjoyable. The organization was strongly supported and sponsored by Microsoft, SBTech, Falafel Software,, Cisco, Tradologic and O’Reilly.

DevReach was founded in 2006 by Martin Kulov, Microsoft MVP with a long experience in Microsoft technologies. Since its development the event has been growing in size and importance and it is now striving to be one of the top developer conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. It provides the unique opportunity to gain valuable practical knowledge from INETA speakers, Dev Community Leaders, Microsoft MVPs and Microsoft Regional Directors and at the same time from a network with world top experts and fellow developers.

This year the lectures were divided in 5 themes: web development, mobile development, development practices, architecture and cloud solutions. All attendees had the options to choose from a broad set of sessions including Web, Mobile, HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows 8/Windows Phone 8, Cloud, .NET,  JavaScript, Agile, Quality/Testing, Functional Programming,  Databases, Web UX, Tools, etc. You may find the full program at DevReach 2013 Sessions. This year speakers were famous IT leaders such as: Rey Bango, Michele Bustamante, Dan Wahlin, Kathleen Dollard, Derik Whittaker, Kate Gregory and many other IT experts with proven record in the software industry. You can find more information about all lecturers and their sessions at the conference at DevReach 2013 Speakers.

The conference focus this year, apart from the software development trends, was the improvement of the product quality and new testing practices. Among them very successful were the following sessions: ‘Improving the Quality of Existing Software’, ‘JavaScript Testing Tactics’ and ‘Writing and Using Custom Developer Testing Frameworks – A Practical Approach’.

We are all looking forward to see what next year’s DevReach conference will bring and meanwhile we are all preparing to see how OpenFest 2013 will surprise us on 2nd and 3rd November.

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