Just Shoot Me – the Team Building to Rock Your Body

We, at Flat Rock, love our fun. To be as cool as we have always been, this time we organized the team building to make your body shake, scream, run and sweat. And in the meantime, we did some fine beer tasting.

The four mega squads gathered near the Varna outskirts to conquer the forest and wake up the inner fighter. Armed with paintball markers and hundreds of paint balls to shoot the enemy with, they marched fearless into the dark woods and reported to duty.

Amongst pain, frustration and endless courage, the toughest team survived, and namely the “Expendables”. Happy with the victory, they went into sweet beer oblivion to share their impeccable winning strategy with the three other, more peaceful teams.

All in smiles and good spirits, the team building event ended in the Sea Garden where scary stories and energy sparks filled in the air.

Wanna get some of that action? You can welcome to join the team at [email protected]!

Copyright to the images: Nedko Hristov & Roussi Roussev

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