ATP Directory is Now Live!

Flat Rock has the pleasure to introduce you to one of our latest projects – ATP Directory.

Following the release of the ATP website at the end of 2012, ATP Directory was the expected successor. The ATP directory website is a combination between the old ATP Database and ATP Directory. Both platforms were linked together and the first one was used as an administration panel, while the other introduced the information to all users in the form of a catalogue.

Flat Rock combined both websites and now the new ATP Directory website is on and ready to provide access to thousands of directories where you can find more information about the air industry. The platform provides options to search in a large database where you can find information for all aviation related articles, airlines, industry suppliers, maintenance providers and executives. Users can choose between a basic and a premium subscription. The basic one offers them the option to browse through the directories for free during the 7-days trial. After that if they still want to access the information, they will need to switch to premium.

Flat Rock’s team has developed a custom design and a website with Hydrogen CMS based on PHP.

Feel free to visit the website at

Do not hesitate to contact us or call +44 20 7193 8298 if you are interested in other CMS solutions for your business.

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