PROagro is Ready to Meet its Customers

We have the pleasure to release one of our latest projects – PROagro.

The company is famous for the production and distribution of high quality olive oil products across the United Kingdom. The original taste of Greece comes from the heart of the state Laconia, southern Greece. The Premium and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced, processed and packaged by the local farms and is directly delivered to the end customer. From the fruit picking to the oil pouring, everything is made with the only idea – to capture the pure essence of the olive oil. This is ensured by extracting the juice and by carefully processing and storing the oil to keep its unique flavour and texture.

Today PROagro is aiming at creating and expanding a brand name that stands for quality for all the products that they offer. For that reason they decided to trust Flat Rock to create a website that will stand as a bridge between them and the real olive oil lovers.

The website is developed in PHP and it uses as a basis Flat Rock’s CMS – Hydrogen. Thanks to our designers the look and feel concept leads you to a small forgotten village in Greece where you can nearly smell the olive trees while enjoying the nice Mediterranean breeze.

Feel free to visit the website at

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