Top Three BPO Trends to Watch in 2014

By Ivanka, Web & Data Specialist at Flat Rock

In times of globalization of the business processes, the model of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) continuously evolves and matures. Companies outsource key business processes to a third party provider to enhance their flexibility, cost efficiency, and to offer more adequate and sophisticated services to their consumers. Because of the constant innovation and optimization, especially in the IT industry, every year is a real challenge to both the services providers of IT solutions and their clients. Considering this, what the future of outsourcing in the IT field is going to be is really hard to forecast, but here are some leading trends that shape BPO in 2014.

1. Everything-as-a-service

Thanks to the cloud structures, almost any service can be offered to the client in a virtual way. Renting IT capabilities over the Internet gives the companies a lot of opportunities and advantages and raises the question – do the cloud-based models and frameworks threaten the future of IT outsourcing contracts in any way? Of course, there are different points of view, but in general, experts conclude that cloud models inevitably change the nature of outsourcing. But more important is that together, the two models create a new generation of IT solutions, based on the cloud principles for everything-as-a service.

2. The Rise of the Outcome-based models

It is expected that as the client – provider business relationships mature, the outsourcing agreements are more likely to be based on the so-called business value. The idea is that the client will be not that interested in how many man hours the implementation of a project will cost and, on the other hand, the service provider will not put such a strong emphasis on maximizing the revenue or the deal size. 2014 comes with the motto “Pay for Results Only”. Higher-end-value-add is expected to be the real measurement of success for both, the clients and the BPO provider community.

3. The Time of the Automated self-services platforms

Considering that the customer’s demands in the field of BPO rapidly expand, and the client-provider relationships reach a stage of mutual trust, the self- service platforms are about to become a crucial factor in the outsourcing development. These platforms are based on automation and end-to-end integration, which give the client the opportunity to perform various tasks, such as testing or development. They offer options for monitoring the on-going processes via using sophisticated tools and much more.

Of course, these three trends do not describe the BPO in 2014 to its full extent. More turns and twists are about to happen, new forces will enter the IT outsourcing stage. Technology changes all the time and to be successful you need to move ahead with it!

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