What is Cyberoam UTM?

By Teodor, ESET and Symantec Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

Cyberoam is an American company for network security. The company has 2 main products called “Unified Threat Management” and “Cyberoam Central Console”.

The most valuable product, which makes Cyberoam a world leader in its class, is “Unified Threat Management”. This product offers a full service of network security against malware, spyware and other threats. It is an all-in solution, which gives perfect a IT protection at a very competitive price.

The second product is “Cyberoam Central Console”. This solution is used for control and management of medium and big companies. It could be also used by Management Security Service Providers.

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management (UTM)

This solution offers a variety services such as: Firewall – VPN (SSL VPN and IPsec), Gateway-Anti Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti –Spam, Intrusion prevention System (IPS) and Content and application filtering. In addition, Cyberoam UTM offers its clients bandwidth management. The server has been developed on a Linux platform, which makes it very stable and safe.

Every IT specialist knows that companies have some weaknesses in their IT protection. Cyberoam prevents its clients from internal and external threats (identity thief, data loss, data deletion, data modification, worms, malicious code, virus, malware). Moreover, Cyberoam UTM protects the companies from ddos attacks, data thief, hacking, spam, phishing and pharming. All features included in the server makes it very popular, attractive and reliable for the IT administrators in every company.

Cyberoam UTM offers 8 layers identity-based security controls. Layer 8 Security Control has its focus on the client. This service includes network security decisions based on usernames and IP addresses. The client has control over “who is doing what in their network”, allows creation of user-based security policies, identifies traffic by username even in case of a dynamic IP.

Another very popular and attractive feature of Cyberoam UTM is the unique firewall. It has layer 8 technology, identity-based alerts and reports, client oriented politics, visibility into application usage, overview of the threat status, top alerts, top victims groups, easy management and includes more than 3500 signatures – the broadest security cover.

The UTM server has a huge database. The team has updated and currently supports more than 44+ million URLs organized in 82 categories. UTM has a faster access and increased productivity. The user could stop all Google cache pages, detect and block 3rd party proxy software and in addition could block files from uploading to web pages.

All these features make Cyberoam UTM one of the best solutions for small, medium and big companies. What is more, the company provides to his clients 8×5 support, 365 days a year. The product is reliable and has a competitive price. That is why some of the biggest companies in the world such as Hitachi, LG and Emirates Group are relying on this server.

We, from Flat Rock Technology, are proud to be official Cyberoam reseller. The company provides to its clients both products “Unified Threat Management” and “Cyberoam Central Console”. The specialists in Flat Rock are always available for any need of help. They could offer full solution for every IT infrastructure and could prepare an offer, which will be free of charge.

If a particular client needs specialized solution, advice and support, the sales team is always open for a conversation and meeting. Feel free to contact us at any time at or call +359 52 988 992.

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