Capassety is Now Live and Running!

We are excited to introduce you one of the latest Flat Rock’s projects – Capassety. We hope that you will become part of it by registering there and using the services it offers.

The idea for this project is dating back to 2006 when our client found out a user-friendly way to connect people that would like to rent and others that will lease various items. And this is how Capassety was born. It comes from ‘Maximizing the capacity in Capital Assets’. The platform provides space where every user can create an account and build their own advertisement banner. They can include all the necessary details that you as a user need to know about the item and then to share it on the website and some of the most popular social networks. You also have the option to search ads based on keywords, location and rental period.

There are three subscription packages that you can avail of, based on your business needs and the number of products that you would like to offer. You can easily upgrade and get more options to advertise more effectively. The platform allows you to manage your personal data, track and edit your ads and to manage their visibility online.

In regards to development, Flat Rock has created a bespoke platform, which is based on Hydrogen 14 CMS. The design was also made by our team and it is mobile optimized. That means that it is quite comfortable to browse it from mobile devices and tablets as well. Below you may find screenshots from the website.


Learn more about Capassety here.

Do not hesitate to email us or call +44 20 7193 8298 if you are interested in similar solutions for your business.

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