Exciting News! Purify Digital Join Flat Rock!

We have the pleasure to announce that after careful considerations and negotiations Flat Rock Technology has invited the digital marketing leader Purify Digital to join our big family. The reason for that acquisition was to make sure that we offer a full service to all of our clients – starting from creating an action plan, developing a product and to be able to market it using the right tools according to the target audience. But let’s say a few words about Purify and what exactly do they do?

Purify Digital is a leading full service performance digital marketing company. They operate on both the web and mobile market and their main goal is to constantly improve clients’ return of investments (ROI). The company was created in 2013 and since then they have created a wide portfolio of digital and mobile products for both publishers and advertisers. The two main services that they focus on are:

→ Advertisement of existing websites, mobile applications or any other digital products – this is achieved by creating pay per click banner campaigns that increase the number of visits or app downloads

→ Putting banners on web platforms or mobile applications – allows easy ways to monetize client’s web/mobile space

This merger now allows all Flat Rock’s clients to avail of the already created fantastic performance distribution channel, which will help them build a marketing strategy and create a facility for monetizing web/mobile space, from the very moment they launch a product.

Our strategic development plan, as a company, is to become a full service web, mobile and digital agency and to provide our clients with ‘one stop shop’ for all their digital requirements. We believe that by joining Purify Digital to our group we will make a great step towards achieving that goal.

We want to welcome our partners from Purify Digital to our group, to wish them an easy and successful transition and to share with them that we feel confident that together we will achieve great things.

For more information about the company, please visit Purify Digital.

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