Tktapp is Here to Protect Your Parking Rights!

Excitement is the least what we can say about this project. It is our great pleasure to announce the release of tktapp. It puts the end of the unjustly issued parking fines. Now every resident in UK has the option to appeal their tickets.

Apart from the actual process of appealing unfairly issued parking tickets, the app user will have the option to learn more about the parking rules and most commonly made mistakes. At the same time the app will reveal the appealing process in 3 easy steps.

Flat Rock has worked together with our client in order to achieve a user-friendly interface that will allow easy and fast browsing in order to assure the smooth appealing process. Each user can get a personalized appeal package, which is made according to the specific contravention and circumstances and it will be presented in simple to ‘use and read’ paperwork.

Tktapp’s goal is to create a community of people, who are confident in their parking rights, dare to express their opinion and are ready to take the right steps and fight for justice. If you agree with that, download the app and share it with your friends. Believe in your parking knowledge and find the right tool to support it – download tktapp! And of course – enjoy driving!

DOWNLOAD the app in iTunes:

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