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iOS 8 and the Essentials You Need to Know

By Plamena, Project Manager at Flat Rock

With the release of the new Apple operating system, the question on everybody`s mind was: ‘Will my old phone and apps work without a problem with iOS 8?’

According to the mobile application performance management company Crittercism, iOS 8 is causing apps to crash 3.56% of the time which is 78% higher than the 2.00% found in iOS 7.

Not surprisingly, older devices are more likely to crash than the new iPhone 6. The update is available for iPhone 4S but according to users, the new operating system causes battery drainage and upgrading is not recommended. Users who want to upgrade also have to keep in mind that the new operating system requires 5GB of free space.

Crashes are a result of both bugs in the operating system and bugs in the apps, so over time as iOS and app updates are released, this figure will probably go down.

However, on 24th September Apple were forced to pull the latest update for iOS 8 just an hour after its release. Version 8.0.1 disabled the cell service, leaving users unable to make calls. Apple removed the update 2 hours after the release and a day later introduced version 8.0.2.

According to Apple ‘‘iOS 8 is the biggest release for developers since the introduction of the App Store’’ so a few setbacks along the way are not unusual.

In addition to the user features, such as family sharing, new options to edit photos and the integration of Shazam in Siri, iOS 8 includes over 4000 new APIs to enable complimentary features and capabilities, such as:

Touch ID

Developers now have the option to use Touch ID (fingerprint identity sensor) to sign in to third-party apps.

Camera API and PhotoKit

Developers can enable their photo apps to edit photos directly in the camera without having to import them first. Third-party camera apps can have precise control over camera features such as exposure and focus.


Developers can make software that integrates with the new Health application and other health and fitness apps.


HomeKit allows developers to make software that controls devices in your home using voice activation (Siri).


Developers can use the iCloud in their apps and save all the app data allowing users to start their work on one device and continue on another device.

In conclusion iOS 8 offers a lot of exciting new features but better make sure your old phone can handle it and wait for a more stable update to go out before upgrading. And definitely don`t try to recharge your iPhone in the microwave.

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