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For those of you out there who like to party and you consider clubbing and pub crawling part of your lifestyle, PubCheckIn is here to offer a unique product on the market – virtual ID.

Do you often wonder why your ID card looks so tattered or you catch yourself waiting on the line to enter a pub, realizing that you forgot your identification? Well, this is soon to end. PubCheckIn is now live and is ready to prepare for you a legitimate securely verified virtual ID. Now you will only use:

→ Your driving license for driving

→ Your passport for crossing borders

→ And your PubCheckIn app for your social life

With this new app you no longer need to worry whether you will lose your ID or whether the security will recognize you at your picture from 10th grade. We will make sure to send the right information to the people at the door and you will easily get in the club. Apart from that, the app will also offer you the opportunity to receive information for all events and promotions in the area and to follow up with your favourite places.

The PubCheckIn app works in two directions, serving two parties: customers and pub owners. All customers will be able to get a virtual ID, save it on their phone, register for places that they like and follow up with their events and promotions. On the other hand, the pub owners, once signed as such, will have the option to scan virtual IDs, receive a picture of the person at the door and push promotions through the app.

We, at Flat Rock, are very pleased to present you with this product as it a result of a great complex cross-team effort. Apart from the shiny mint design, we did the mobile app build and an informative website where everyone can learn about the product and join the PubCheckIn community.

The technical side of this exciting opportunity includes the hard work of our mobile team dealing with the development of a hybrid application with all its 3rd party integrations (GB Group, PayPal, Twilio, Elavon and Facebook) and of course the persistence of our designers and ASP.NET team to vitalize the website. We really hope that you will all enjoy it as much as we do!

Download the app from App Store and Google Play. Go to PubCheckIn official website

If you have a great idea that you would like to share with the rest of the world and you would prefer to do it digitally, come by our office, have a cup of coffee and let’s discuss it. Alternatively call at +44 20 7193 8298 or email us.

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