• Sofia Tech Park Opening Ceremony

    by Polina, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock This month the first science and technology park in Bulgaria, Sofia Tech Park, opened its gates for business. It is a result of the initiative and successful collaboration between the Bulgarian government and the EU.

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  • Can you be too agile?

    by Plamena, Project Manager at Flat Rock The software community is moving from linear development processes such as Waterfall to a more incremental approach. The Agile process is now accepted as the better alternative to the traditional software development. If done properly, it can improve the quality, reduce the time to market and mitigate risks.

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  • Is There any Difference between a “Program” and an “Application“?

      By Elena, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock   Being part of the high-tech world people became familiar with words like “program” and “application”. Almost every day you could hear someone passionately recommending a new “app” that was just installed on their smartphone. We are used to the terminology and it became an essential […]

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  • The Inspiring World of Sitefinity CMS

    By Polina, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Sitefinity is a special gem in the world of content management systems. Even though it is not as famous to the larger audience as WordPress, Drupal and Sitecore, it is developed by one of the leading vendors of enterprise software products Telerik. It fascinates with the simplicity […]

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  • iOS 9 in a Nutshell

    By Yana, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock Apple has recently released their new iOS 9. Undoubtedly this was a long waited event for Apple fans, as iOS 9 promised to bring a lot of improvements and new features.

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  • Swift – the New Kid on the Block

    By Plamena, Project Manager at Flat Rock A little more than an year ago Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift. Swift is a modern language that is designed to be safe, fast, powerful and interactive. It`s an alternative for Objective-C, that strives to present a much simpler and more intuitive syntax.

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