For All Cat and Dog Lovers Out There: My Talking Pet App is Now Live!

Are you one of those people who have always dreamt of communicating with your own pet? Have you been wondering how your pet would sound like, if it could talk? Well, now it is your chance to give it a try. My Talking Pet app is here to breathe life in your most favourite animal on the planet and at the same time to entertain you and your whole family.

How does it work? All you need is a smart phone running on Android or iOS and a simple My Talking Pet app installation. Call your cat, take a nice picture of its face, mark with dots its mouth and eyes, and record the sentence you would like to hear it saying. Then adjust the sound with cat/dog mode and wait for your video to be processed. There you go. Your pet is now talking!

Get it now!

Android –> Download

iOS –> Download

Apart from being an amusing app, it kept on challenging our technical team. It was essential for our client to provide an option for those users who do not have their own pet to use existing videos and record a message over them. We had to create templates, which include two layers of information – the photo and the marked sectors on the pet’s face. All users will have access to those files and be able to use them to create talkative animals. Apart from having set up templates in advance, you can also duplicate an existing video and personalize it using your own voice.

In a package with both the Android and iOS applications, My Talking Pet community is now able to socialize by sharing, rating and commenting all videos and pictures. Flat Rock has also developed a website where you can browse through and filter all existing videos and make them more and more popular. Another challenge was the fact that the information had to be synchronized among a number of devices, the website account and the server. Each user could also log in using various social media channels.

More about the My Talking Pet technical solution, you can read in our portfolio!

If you love animals and you are curious to know what they would like to tell you, download the app (Google Play, iTunes) and spread the word. Are you one of the people with creative ideas in mind, but still looking for the right people to make it come true? Send us an email or give us a call (020 7193 8298), we are here to support it.

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