IT Outsourcing Trends for 2015

By Elitsa, Office admin at Flat Rock

With the 2015 already rolling on, and the ever going change in the demand of the software production, several key outsourcing trends are worth keeping an eye on. There is no need saying that speed in production and delivering, keeping up-to-date with end customer needs, and product complexity are just part of what should be considered.Originally, outsourcing sections of the company production and business processes to a partner in another country and in some situations to a different continent was, and still is, a good practice for cutting costs, but it has also become a never ending seeking for fresh talent and ideas. However, dramatic and often rapidly evolving political, economic, legal and even climate changes, which affect different parts of the world, are forcing software companies with outsourcing practices to consider the impact of these changes on their business.

Up in the cloud

Software companies using a cloud for their activities are not news, but that stands out as one of the main trends to follow this year. The main advantages of the cloud – its cost efficiency, time-saving, data security and scaling of the processes are becoming more and more appealing to software producing companies.

Applications for non-conventional devices

As it’s visible to all, small portable devices have become an integral part of our everyday life.  But what if we can reach and command our household electronics remotely? Apart from tablets and smartphones, the most common electronics are becoming more appealing and a reachable target for this. For example, a certain model of washing machine produced by Samsung allows owners to set the start, delay it or pause the process remotely, with the help of an app on their smartphone. And this is just the beginning.

Data says it all

Most companies have understood that gathering data for customers’ behavior, their habits and ways of using the software products provides a good ground for study and further improvement of their services. This data turns out to be crucial for marketing and commercial analysis for instance. This is the reason why companies strive to make their software products and policy more and more customer-oriented. All in all the outsourcing trends in the IT industry will be evolving and growing in their complexity. They will continue to be driven and affected by multiple and various processes – geopolitical, economical, financial, etc. Still there are frameworks and main trends that this industry will submit to and follow throughout the year, so watch out for the apps of the future and the ever expanding cloud on the horizon. To find out more or inquire about the possibilities for outsourcing your project or finding a dedicated resource, contact us and we will help.

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