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By Poly, Solutions Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

Umbraco is an open source content management system (CMS) based on ASP.NET language. It is a solution used by more than 250,000 websites around the world, which puts it on the first place as the most commonly installed CMS based on Microsoft technologies. Among the most famous websites built with the platform are: BBC, Heinz and Tesco.

But what makes it different from the competitors? It is very flexible. It provides full customization of all content types, which means that it can be tailored even to complex business requirements and system architecture. In regards to usability, it has the windows explorer tree node hierarchy, which eases the content upload especially from people, lacking technical skills. Because of Umbraco’s Scandinavian roots, the user-centered design is a main asset to the platform. It is beautiful, easy to use and it helps you focus on the message, which you would like to share with the world.

The community, working in direction to popularize Umbraco and all its existing modules, agree that this CMS is very suitable for websites with 50+ pages and for systems with mission-critical security requirements. It is very useful for larger editorial teams because of the built-in publishing frameworks.

Umbraco’s key features:

→ Stunning responsive design

→ Content scheduling

→ Easy integration with existing third party software, including ERP, CRM and intranets

→ Upgraded media library controls

→ Event and workflow tracking

→ Multi-language capability

Why Umbraco is the right CMS for your business

Once you reach the point where you need to make a decision which CMS to use for your business, you will need to have answers for all questions below:

→ What is your business focus?

→ What features do you find essential?

→ Which one is more important for you – the interface or the actual usability?

→ Are you looking for a responsive and mobile centered solution?

→ Are you IT literate and are you planning to rely on the CMS community for help?

What developers think about Umbraco

I personally love the control it gives me as a developer to create custom CMS experiences for my clients. I also love that despite being based in .NET it doesn’t force your markup into a specific type of markup. You can implement your HTML/CSS exactly how you like without any restrictions.Jason Prothero

“The admin UI is not sexy, but our users like it because it’s very simple, and they love the in-line editing support. If you’re a .NET guy, Umbraco is definitely the open source way to go.” Matthew Robins

Hands down, Umbraco is one of the best open source ASP.NET based CMS systems I’ve had the pleasure to work with.Timothy Finucane

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If you think that Umbraco is the best choice for your business and you are in the search of a company to help you develop it, drop us an email or call us on +44 20 7193 8298 and our specialists will create a personalized solution for you.

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