Mobilise your Workspace with These Awesome Apps-Part 1

By Poly, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

The mobile revolution has brutally invaded our everyday life. What does the average person do more than 150 times a day? Check out their smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether we are calling, chatting, taking photos, listening to music, searching or interacting – our telephone has become the center of our universe and there is no way we are leaving it behind.

The only possible issue is that at some point we are passing the doors of the office and we have to limit the use of it. And this is nearly impossible. But the apps market is constantly improving and getting closer to people’s office life and therefore the expected result, which we are already enjoying, is to use apps, suitable and meaningful for work.

We all know apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote, but it will be nice to share information about the less popular ones.


The app allows you to get remote access to your desktop computer through your smartphone. Apart from the feature to view your documents, you can also launch applications remotely.


This is your personal password manager, which saves all your passwords and provides access to your accounts from every computer or mobile device. It automatically synchronizes all your logins and details. All you need to do is to remember your LastPass password.


This app is very useful for all digital nomads and freelancers in general. It allows you to search for a work space other than your home office. You can choose based on geographical area, food availability, noise levels, transportation options, animal-friendly places, etc.


Mint app is your personal financial advisor, which helps you spend smarter and save more. You can easily get information for your accounts, credit cards and investments. It tracks your business expenses, creates budgets, sends customized tips for reducing fees and receives bill reminders. Again it is a great tool for freelancers.

Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Inspect allows web designers to preview their work on various mobile devices. Among many other useful features, developers can also adjust their HTML and CSS through the app.


One of the best apps when it comes to writing without typos. The keyboard app allows your faster typing and here the autocorrect actually works as it adapts to your writing style.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a great app that allows you to file all your handwritten notes and convert them into PDFs. You can also share them with your colleagues. It is a great way to save time writing meeting minutes emails.

Video Interviewing Apps

Those apps improve and shorten the recruitment process and at the same time provide a very useful tool for hiring managers to assess all candidates. Interviews can be made on the go and save both managers’ and candidates’ time. The most popular ones are: Spark Hire, Camooze, LaunchPad Recruits and Miituu.

Mobile apps have made us reconsider not only our spare time, but also our everyday experience at work. If your business needs a customized mobile solution, which will help you improve your internal business processes and saves your employees’ time, get in touch and you will get a free technical consult based on your business requirements.

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