Google Update: Mobilization from 21st April

Google has recently announced that this April will be a month of change. The web is going to dramatically transform and the reason for that is the enormous popularity of mobile devices across the world. We have all witnessed their great influence on people and their everyday life and it was silly of us to think that they will not affect the current web state.

On 21st April two changes will take place:

1) Mobile-friendly websites will appear higher in the search results

This change will affect all mobile searches in the different languages around the world and will impact the search results. Users will now have the chance to access more relevant information compliant to the mobile device they are using.

You can check the mobile friendliness of your website here.

2) Mobile apps content will appear in the search results

More and more information from indexed mobile apps will be used as a factor in raking for the sign-in users who have already installed the app. The expected result is to get content from those apps in your search results.

These new search regulations came as a shock for many online users and digital owners. The web space will definitely change and we all need to quickly adapt to it. You are all probably wondering how would those changes affect you and your business. If we assume that you have a non-responsive to mobile devices website, then it will appear lower in the search lists and your SEO strategy, no matter how good it is, won’t work at all.

Introducing the mobile apps content indexing will create a new boom of mobile apps development. Now businesses will find another reason to go mobile. Creating a mobile app where you can always reach your end customer will become a number one priority for many companies.

No one knows what the future will bring, but what we may predict is that the web is slowly transforming into a mobile web. You have time until 21st April to quickly react and try to save your online business. If you still haven’t implemented responsive design to your website or have always searched for a reason to fund the development of a mobile app, get in touch with us for a free quote and we will consult you on the latest trends.

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